In the United States this year an estimated 134,490 adults will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer.  These numbers include 95,270 new cases of colon and 39,220 cases of rectal cancer. Unfortunately it is estimated that 49,190 deaths will occur from this disease (26,020 men and 23,170 women). Their survival rate depends on stage of disease, son of surgery and response to medical and radiation oncologic Therapies. Recently it has become clear that right-sided colon cancers have inferior survival then those with left-sided tumor (CALBG/SWOE 80405), and that left-sided tumors with chemotherapy and cetuxinab (KRAS wildtype) hold improve survival. Metastatic disease survival from the right or left side also seem to follow a similar trend. Patients with colorectal cancer are carefully evaluated for their stage of disease and required surgical care with open, but or robotic approaches. Neoadjuvant treatment is offered to patients with rectal cancer and some patients with recurrent or metastatic disease liver resection for metastatic disease has been successful and most patients who develop liver only metastatic disease. In this age metastatic colon cancer to the liver is treated as a chronic disease rather than a death sentence.


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