Robotically-Assisted Surgery for GI Malignancies

In order to meet the demand for new, less invasive surgery, Dr. Donald McMcain offers robotic-assisted surgery for GI malignancies. (GASTRIC, HEPATOBILIARY, COLORECTAL TUMORS AND ABDOMINAL NODE BIOPSIES).
Utilizing the da Vinci robotic surgical technique with 3D visualization, 10x magnification and greater degrees of rotation improves lymph nodes dissections and vascular ligations. Patients recover faster, require shorter hospital stays with less pain and fewer complications while still undergoing a sound oncologic operation.

Dr. Donald A McCain with The da Vinci Xi Robot

Dr. Donald A McCain with The da Vinci Xi Robot

Gallbladder with multiple stones

Robotic assisted laparoscopic cholecystectomy – gall bladder removal for gall stones

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